Sunday, December 14, 2008

Army Ball Drama

The drama:::: One of the Guys in my husbands duty station brought his "girlfriend" and I use the term girlfriend loosely because he lives in GA and she lives in VA with her two kids (not his) and they only see each other when he flies her out here but when shes not here, he is out partying (oh and none of us have ever met her) All day she kept talking about how he doesnt want to get married blah blah blah and we should all be so lucky with the men with have.. So After the 80s night all 16 of us decided to load up in one minivan and go to a bar. All of us wives we sitting together, drinking having fun. The husbands were all with us but also playing pool. Her and her "BF" were dancing and drinking like crazy!!

So later in the night all the tables were togther and we were just having a great time and she came up to my DH and grabbed his shirt to pull her close to his face.. she said something but my husband was so drunk he did not even pay attention. I told her to let go of him. She then sits in the chair next to him (my dh). She then takes a beer, slams it on the table and then flings it at the Commanders wife sitting across from her. So we were all like wtf. She says to my husband "you better get these biiitches in check" again my husband is oblivious. So I said What did you say? She said that I heard and I need to have all the wives stop hating on her. I was like ok ghetto biitch, hating on what? She said "me, they are all jealous" I said jealous of what Pahlease? She then said they are jealous because all their husbands want what they cant have, so I said ohh ok and what is that. She answered "They all want to fuuck me and have been drooling over me since I got here"

I busted out laughing and said listen biiitch, They dont want you. They are all MARRIED, so get the fvck off my table and go somewhere else. She stood up and announced to us all that we better enjoy it now because our DHs will be gone soon. So I said listen biitch, You can Not make a Ho into a housewife and do you see my 3 carats right here...You are the one jealous because all of us are married and we have got what you cant have.
So she goes to the bar and starts throwing shiit so her BF came over to calm her down and then she jumped on our table...ONNNN our table and starting swinging at all the wives. So the men grabbed her and gave her to her BF and said to put her in a taxi back to the hotel because she is not coming with us. HE being drunk HIT his commander and it was a brawl after that. The guys all went after him to defend the commander. the wives were holding the skank back because she kept clawing at the husbands. She kept screaming at us that she was going to fvck all our husbands etc.

So the next morning she started calling all us wives to see if we wanted to go to breakfast. We were like um no we are at the spouses meeting. She asked for us to go get her to come with us and we said no cuz you actually have to be married to attend. (mean I know) so no one went near her all day and night at the ball she was drunk again so the commander told them they had to leave a day early because he didnt want her there anymore.
So they left and then it was a party after that. Her BF is not allowed to take her to any functions we have again. He would have gotten in more trouble but the commander felt that he was dutifully trying to defend her so he let it go.