Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update time.

I will try to post an update once a month. If I can remember! So to help, I stole this from a fellow blogger. Thanks for sharing.

How far along: 8 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain: I have actually lost a few pounds thanks to m/s!

How much does baby weigh: I have no idea

Maternity clothes: Nothing but a bella band and maybe some big girl underpants since my smaller ones really are starting to hurt and restrict my belly bloat

Stretch marks: I have them already from my first pregnancy (loss)

Sleep: I am up twice a night to pee but I have been going to bed very early

Best moment this week: Hmm lets see, learning how to hold my vomit long enough to make it to the bathroom at work instead of throwing up on my own shoes again.

Movement: None besides gas bubbles

Food cravings: Spicy asian lettuce wraps

Belly button in or out: Obviously still an innie

What I miss: Sweet Tea and sleeping on my stomach, If I roll over on it, I barf (yes I have vomitted on my pillow, not fun in the middle of the night)

What I'm looking forward to: Everything, all the m/s, the gas. the bloat, the fatigue you name it!! It all means that I am pregnant! I will take it all happily.

Milestone: Making it to 8 weeks, which in the past was my failure point.

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Miracle is in the works finally!!

Well, I didnt want to get too attached to the idea that we were going to have a baby. Everytime we made it to our ultrasound date there was never a heart beat and that was the end of it.

So going into today's appointment I couldnt even look at the ultrasound screen. Tim was sitting there looking at the wall holding his breath but then the tech turned up the volume and we could hear the heartbeat. I instantly starting crying like a little girl, Tim leaned over and looked at the screen in awe that He couldnt believe what we were hearing and seeing! I looked over and saw our baby!! The heart flickering so quickly and I measured exactly 7w2d as my chart suggested. The doctor said that was a great sign of things progessing beautifully. There were no signs of clots in the placenta or yolk sac as in other lost pregnancies. The doctor feels that this is going to be the one! I have to continue all of my medication just to be safe but other than that, nothing special.

We feel so truly blessed!!