Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank you...

First I wanted to say thank you to all of you ladies. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for all your well wishes and comments. Tim and I are truly blessed.

We had our first appointment today because I will be monitored very closely. My 14dpo Beta was 111 which the doc says is great. I had another beta and progesterone done today at 15dpo but wont get the results until monday. I started my progesterone injections today, I may not have to stay on them but my Doc wanted to start just in case until my blood work comes back. He said either way you cant have too much progesterone right now. He decided to increase my Synthroid from 125 to 137mcg because he wants my thyroid a little higher active to reduce risk of miscarriage, Also staying on the metformin through at least the first tri because that also reduces risk of miscarriage.

Our first U/s is April 17th!! We are so excited I cant wait. My next one will be May 15th and then again June 19th. I have the first tri all scheduled. In July or August I will have to have a NTS or NST (whichever its called) and if everything is okay then I wont need another u/s until its time to check weight etc towards the end of my pregnancy.

My husband and I are finally let it sink in now that we saw the beta in writting and its really happening!!

Thank you for all the support! I couldnt have made it through all this without all of you!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I freaking got my BFP yesterday I am in so much shock its insane!! I cant believe it. I mean I just posted how I KNOW that this cycle was a bust and I was out of the game. LOOK wow, I am at a loss for words. My husband seriously has some great swimmers to last as long as they did!!

We are in shock, thats all I can say!! I had my Beta done today at work. I will get that back tomorrow! I have my first OB appointment tomorrow to start my progesterone supplements. I dont think it will seem real until I see that Beta in my hand!!

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I will post more tomorrow after my appointment, right now I am speechless!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

TTC sucks!

Ughh I missed my O this month thanks to a broken heel. It sucks, I hate that there is no chance for this cycle. Next cycle my husband has to go away to a Best of the Best competition for the Army. He won his portion so he has orders to go and he can not miss it. Well, normally I would go with him but its Spring break week here and half my office is going to be out so I have to be at work. He is going the week that I am due to O. Which sucks so it means I have to wait to TTC again until MAY!!!!!!!!! That sucks!! But May I think would give us a february baby which is my birthday month, my mom and dads Bday month too! So I still am optimistic. I just hate waiting! I am so anxious to see what happens!

Oh well, at least I dont have to feel the pressure of the 2ww.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Season of Change

WOW Where do I begin!! This was my first Full cycle on all my new IF treatments and I have seen so many changes that I am excited about.

I had a FULL day of EWCM, I rarely EVER have more than a spot of it. My last LP was a whole 4 and a half days longer than it has ever been! I have been having mid cycle spotting right around O... I also had a HUGELY positive OPK yesterday!! These are all exciting things for me because I have had such a tough time with all of these things.

I am so excited and so optimistic about all these changes. Even though I know that I will not get my BFP this month due to poor timing (long story)..I know that it may just happen this year!! I am determined to have a 2010 baby!!

So on to the bad timing...I broke my heel (no, not my shoe but my actual heel of my foot)..The doc says its a stress fracture but I cant put any pressure or weight on my heal for 6 weeks. Which means I am in a huge boot ughhh....Which means last night when I had my OPK, we did not have the opportunity to get it on! Thanks to the foot and the doc and the long journey home since there is no point staying away when I cant do anything fun!

However, I will chalk this cycle up to practice for an amazing cycle next month that awaits me!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Still trucking along!!

Well I am just heading into my very first Ovulation cycle with the full dose of all my meds. I am still trying to get used to such a high dose of Metformin but otherwise I am doing okay.

As far as all the new thyroid meds go, I have noticed that I am not coming home from work and taking a nap everyday like I used to, so I guess it is working much better than previously. I am excited to see what this cycle brings.

Just the couple weeks that I had been the on the new medications, I had a noted 4 and a half day increase in my LP, which is so freaking amazing because I RARELY hit 11 days. So to get AF on the night of LP day 14 going into 15 was amazing!! Its a great sign of things to come.

I still want to be a little guarded about getting my hopes up however I cant help but feel optimistic somehow. Dh is just going with the flow because he loves me but also is at the point where if it just doesnt happen then he is content with a life of just the two of us.

Well for this week, its been nice. I have only had patients two days this week so that I can get my charting and pathology done before the AAD.

I cant wait to have time alone with my husband!!! Stress free time.