Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holy Crap its been a long time.

WOw, Its been almost a month since I blogged last. So much has been going on here at the H household. Lets see, we stopped TTC (well actively TTC, we arent avoiding). We went home to RI for a couple weeks and had a great time I will have to post pics in blog as soon as I learn how. Work is the same old same old crap, love it but stresses me out. My furbaby had surgery this week but she is finally getting back to her old self. Adoption seems like its going to be our only option which is okay and DH and I have decided on China for our international adoption, when it happens.

My New years resolution this year is interesting lets see if I can do it. I vow to get in better shape and run more. I would seriously like to take off 20 pounds that decided to slap me in my ass when I started all my hormone treatments. Now that I am off everything, hopefully it will let the weight come off.

I also decided to learn how to knit/crochet. I have always wanted to learn. Its something my grandmother did and I loved it and My mom quilts which I just dont have the time for. So I figured I can knit at work on lunch breaks to destress etc. I signed up for and already paid for beginners workshops in town here, so since I paid I already I am more likely to actually go do it.

My husband and I are going on a marriage retreat next weekend. Its a good idea, we have put so much emphasis on baby baby baby...that we kind of lost a little of what really made us fall in love and want a family together so we are going to rekindle a little romance. We are going with 4 other couples we are close with so its going ot be a nice experience. Its in Gaitlinberg, TN which is a beautiful area. Im looking forward to some quiet noncommercial spousal time.

Otherwise, I am excited to see so many women on GP get their BFPs and I hope this year brings many many more especially for those trying a long time.