Saturday, July 18, 2009

Appointment with Perinatologist at 20w

We went on Thursday for our high risk visit. I was so nervous not knowing what would be wrong with our daughter or myself. Everything was perfect!! She is wonderful and healthy and growing just wonderfully! She was even sucking her thumb it was so cute and we have a picture of her laying back with her hands behind her head just like her daddy does!! Tim thought that was very cute! She was grabbing her feet and tugging on her cord. She was sooo not shy about showing her goods again, so deffffff a girl!!

We have a cute pictures but I have yet to figure out how to upload them on here. I did a couple times but I have no idea how I did that. IF anyone can tell me how then I will add them.

Pregnancy is going well so far, no more vomitting except in the morning which I can deal with. I still have't gained any weight but I assure you that I will be soon and rapidly making up for lost time. I have such a huge bump, it look much farther along than 20 weeks.

I cant even believe that I am 20w along already, its just going by so fast and part of me just wants to keep her in there forever! All to myself with her little kicks and rolling around!

We are finally getting prepared for her now knowing that she will actually be a part of our home. I cant believe we are having a baby!!!


Eclipsed said...

So glad everything went well at your appointment. 20 weeks is a big milestone. Half way there!

Krystle said...

So happy for you and your little girl!!

Our Happy Family said...

This is wonderful. So happy for you.

kanishk said...

i hope you start to feel better soon.i can't believe that your horrid morning sickness is back. poor thing!
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